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In the present article, new integral transform named Sandip transform is introduced by authors. It yields Laplace, Sumudu, Natural, Stieltjes and Generalized Stieltjes transform as its special cases. The existence theorem, inversion formula, Parseval-type identity and other results of Sandip transform are proved in this paper. H-function and H-transform are used with Mellin transform as useful tool for finding Sandip transform of functions. The relationship between Sandip transform with Mellin, Generalized Stieltjes, H-transform are proved and applications of Sandip transform to partial differential equations are given in this paper.

Keywords and Phrases

Laplace transform, Sumudu Transform, Natural Transform, H-function, Stieltjes transform, Generalized Stieltjes transform, Sandip transform.

A.M.S. subject classification

44A15, 44A10, 44A20.


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