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1 Transformation of Whittaker function of three variables N.U. Khan
T. Kashmin
Volume 4 Issue 1 1-8 Read more
2 Mixture of Pathway Weibull Model and Mellin Convolutions Prajitha P Volume 4 Issue 1 9-24 Read more
3 Linear Generating Relations and Hypergeometric Transformations M.I. Qureshi
Deepak Kumar Kabra*
M. S. Baboo**
Volume 4 Issue 1 25-30 Read more
4 On Certain Transformations of Basic Hypergeometric Function using q-Fractional Operators Dr.Jayprakash Yadav
Volume 4 Issue 1 31-36 Read more
5 Certain Explicit Evaluation of Ramanujan's Theta Functions S.N.Singh
Satya Prakash Singh
Bindu Prakash Mishra,
Volume 4 Issue 1 37-48 Read more
6 On Lambert series and continued fractions Trishla Mehta*
Vijay Yadav,
Mohammad Shahjade**
Volume 4 Issue 1 49-60 Read more
7 Some models of strange stars Ashok Kumar Mishra Volume 4 Issue 1 61-64 Read more
8 A note on confluent hypergeometric series K.B. Yadav
Sunil Singh*
Vinod Yadav
Volume 4 Issue 1 65-70 Read more
9 Simulation of a single-server Queueing system relevant to hospital services Pratima Singh Volume 4 Issue 1 71-84 Read more
10 Truncated bilateral hypergeometric summation theorems motivated by the work of Verma M. I. Qureshi
Kaleem A. Quraishi
Volume 4 Issue 1 85-94 Read more
11 Manuscript based Nepali Indigenous Mathematics Dr. Eka Ratna Acharya, Volume 4 Issue 1 95-104 Read more
12 Exact Solutions of Einstein's Vacuum Field Equations G.S. Dubey
A.K. Mishra,
S.M.S. Rizvi,
V.K. Yadav
Volume 4 Issue 1 105-108 Read more
13 Integration of modi ed multivariable H-function with respect to their parameters Rashmi Singh
Kamini Gour*
Volume 4 Issue 1 109-114 Read more