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1 Modular Relations Involving Eisenstein Series M. S. Mahadeva Naika
C. Shivashankar
Volume 11 Issue 1 1-16 Read more
2 On the Projective Flatness of a Finsler space with infinite series ..... Gauree Shanker
Sruthy Asha Baby
Volume 11 Issue 1 17-24 Read more
3 On Certain Transformations of Bivariate Basic Hypergeometric Series using q-Fractional Operators Dr.Jayprakash Yadav
Volume 11 Issue 1 25-30 Read more
4 Fractional Integral Transformations of Mittag-Leffler Type E-function Sanjay Bhatter
Sheikh Mohammed Faisal
Volume 11 Issue 1 31-38 Read more
5 On WP Bailey pair and transformation formulae for q-hypergeometric series S.N.Singh
Sunil Singh*
Priyanka Singh
Volume 11 Issue 1 39-46 Read more
6 On Certain New WP Bailey Pairs and Their Applications G.S. Pant
K.B. Chand
V.P. Pande*
Volume 11 Issue 1 47-54 Read more
7 Generalized Yang-Fourier Transforms by using M-Series to Heat-Conduction in a Semi-In finite Fractal Bar Manoj Sharma, Volume 11 Issue 1 55-64 Read more
8 Certain Results Involving Lambert Series and Continued Fractions-I Satya Prakash Singh Volume 11 Issue 1 65-70 Read more
9 On Certain continued Fractions Bindu Prakash Mishra,
Ashutosh Singh*
Amit Kumar Singh*
Volume 11 Issue 1 71-78 Read more
10 On Hypergeometric Series and Continued Fractions Dr. Trishla Mehta (Principal)
Dr. Vijay Yadav,
Volume 11 Issue 1 79-88 Read more
11 Three Expansions for a Three Variable Hypergeometric Function Pasumarthi A. Padmanabham Volume 11 Issue 1 89-92 Read more
12 Basic Hypergeometric Series and Fourier Transform Dr. Ravindra Kumar Yadav Volume 11 Issue 1 93-96 Read more
13 Some Extensions of Multiple Gaussian Hypergeometric Series Renu Chugh,
Prakriti Rai*
Smita Sharma**
Volume 11 Issue 1 97-106 Read more
14 On Certain New Bailey Pairs and Their Applications K.B. Chand
G.S. Pant
V.P. Pande*
Volume 11 Issue 1 107-114 Read more
15 On Hypergeometric Proof of Certain Continued Fraction Results Bindu Prakash Mishra,
Swatantra Shukla*
Jitendra Prasad**
Volume 11 Issue 1 115-122 Read more