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1 Some Bi-Recurrent Properties of Weyl Space Rahul Singh Volume 1 Issue 1 1-6 Read more
2 On Certain Results Involving Mock- Theta Functions Satya Prakash Singh
Bindu Prakash Mishra
Volume 1 Issue 1 7-16 Read more
3 Double integral representation and certain transformations for basic Appell functions D.K. Jain
Renu Jain
Farooq Ahmad
Volume 1 Issue 1 17-22 Read more
4 Prof. Naya Raj Pant As an Institution of Mathematics E.R. Acharya Volume 1 Issue 1 23-28 Read more
5 On Bailey pair and q-series transformations Satya Prakash Singh
Ashutosh Singh
Volume 1 Issue 1 29-44 Read more
6 On Reduction and Product Formulae for q- Series Ashutosh Singh
Rama Jain
Volume 1 Issue 1 45-48 Read more
7 Evaluations of Ramanujan’s Cubic Continued Fraction G(q) by Modular Equations B. R. Srivatsa Kumar
T. G. Sreeramamurthy
G. N. Rajappa
Volume 1 Issue 1 49-68 Read more
8 On evaluation of certain Ramanujan’s theta functions Sonia Badeshra
Ravindra Kumar Yadav
Volume 1 Issue 1 69-76 Read more
9 A note on Partition and Continued Fractions Amit Kumar Singh
Vijay Yadav,
Volume 1 Issue 1 77-80 Read more
10 Integral and Series Representations of Riemann’s Zeta function, Dirichelet’s Eta Function and a Medley of Related Results Michael S. Milgram Volume 1 Issue 1 81-110 Read more
S.P. Singh
Volume 1 Issue 1 111-116 Read more
12 On certain Transformation Formula of Ordinary Hypergeometric Series using laplace transform Dr. Jay Prakash Yadav
Dr. N.N. Pandey
S.N. Hatekar
Sunil Singh
Volume 1 Issue 1 117-120 Read more
13 Can creativity be nurtured ? K. Srinivasa Rao Volume 1 Issue 1 121-132 Read more
14 Lie Theoretic Study of some generating functions of Sujit Kumar Kar
Md. Zohiruddin
Volume 1 Issue 1 133-137 Read more