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In this paper a new type of fuzzy regular space is introduced and studied by introducing fuzzy $\beta$-preopen set, the class of which is strictly larger than that of fuzzy open set as well as fuzzy preopen set. Here we also introduce two new types of functions, viz., fuzzy $\beta$-precontinuous and fuzzy $\beta$-preirresolute functions. Lastly, the application of fuzzy $\beta$-precontinuous function on fuzzy $\beta$-preregular space is shown here.

Keywords and Phrases

Fuzzy $\beta$-preopen set, fuzzy $\beta$-preregular space, fuzzy $\beta$-precontinuous function, fuzzy $\beta$-preirresolute function, fuzzy $\beta$-preopen $q$-nbd.

A.M.S. subject classification

54A40, 03E72.


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