Motivation towards learning mathematics:

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Learning mathematics is the art of systematic planning of acquiring knowledge. Before you start learning mathematics, you must know what particular part you are going to learn. What is your primary information about that part? The way in which you are trying to learn mathematics is most important. Solving mathematical exercises is not complete learning of mathematics. If you do not learn mathematics properly at basic or primary level, then you lost interest and charm in this subject. For proper learning of mathematics, in fact, nobody can confidently make any the best way out. In this paper let us try and hope something good for the learners. Some beautiful mathematical facts: History of numerals coming from India: It is now universally accepted that our decimal numbers derive from forms, which were invented in India and transmitted via Arab culture to Europe, under- going a number of changes on the way. We also know that several different ways of writing numbers evolved in India before it became possible for existing decimal numerals to be marred with the place-value principle of the Babylonians to give birth to the system which eventually became the one which we use today.

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