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Mathematics is the fundamental science which is often considered mother of all sciences. It has components of, “Method of Science”– based on logical reasoning, analysis, observation, null hypothesis, data collection, data interpretation and drawing inference. Mathematics exists in nature, shape of earth, stars, crystal lattices, shape of trees, leaves pattern, floral patterns and many more all have mathematical arrangements. Each snowflake exhibits six fold radial symmetry, seeds of many plants(for e.g Sun Flower) exhibit Fibonacci numbers pattern (i.e, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21..), amazing hexagon pairs in honeycombs which optimizes storage of honey in an efficient manner, bilateral symmetry in human face are all such examples.

To popularize Mathematics among the various target groups, various agencies within and outside government have taken steps. The academic and scientific agencies support training workshops, field programmes, quiz, audio, visual programmes, etc.

Present paper aims at assessing the various initiatives undertaken recently (since 2012) on declaration of National Year of Mathematics and its outcome. Area of assessment are programmes undertaken by the National Council for Science & Technology Communication, Department of Science & Technology, GOI, New Delhi.

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