Spherical Gravitational Collapse of a Radiating Star

Print ISSN: 2319-1023


In the present paper we have obtained a new model by using the Tewari [1] algorithm for a collapsing radiating star and the matching conditions required for the description of physically meaningful fluid. The interior matter fluid is shear-free spherically symmetric isotropic and undergoing radial heat flow. The interior metric obeyed all the relevant physical and thermodynamic conditions and matched with Vaidya exterior metric over the boundary. Initially the interior solutions represent a static configuration of perfect fluid which then gradually starts evolving into radiating collapse. The apparent luminosity as observed by the distant observer at rest at infinity and the effective surface temperature are zero in remote past at the instant when the collapse begins and at the stage when collapsing configuration reaches the horizon of the black hole.

Keywords and Phrases

Exact solutions, Collapsing radiating star, Black hole.

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