Manuscript based Nepali Indigenous Mathematics

Print ISSN: 2319-1023


The manuscript is written in an earlier form of Nagari,  Sarada or any di erent script. Mainly it was in use from the 8th to the 12th century. It was found in the northwestern part of India, such as Kashmir and neighboring regions, Kailas. The language in these manuscripts is the combination of Sanskrit and Prakrita. This has been written by a brahmana and king of mathematicians, for the sake of Hasika, son of Vasis.t. ha, in order that it may be used by his descendants. The originality of any countries' Mathematics, mean the history of the intellectual e orts that men have made in order to understand the indigenous mathematical phenomena or which comes to the same thing, the history of analytic or scienti c aspects of mathematical thought. The objective of this article is, explored the development of manuscript based mathematics in early period of Nepal.

Keywords and Phrases

Manuscript, History, cuneiform, civilization, inscription, Vedas, palm leaf.

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