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1 On certain results involving the product of partial theta functions Satya Prakash Singh,
Bindu Prakash Mishra
Devmani Dubey
Volume 1 Issue 2 1-10 Read more
2 On Certain Results Involving Mock- Theta Functions R.Y. Denis,
S.N. Singh*
S.P. Singh*,
Volume 1 Issue 2 11-20 Read more
3 Some Charged Fluid Spheres in General Relativity Mukesh Kr. Madhukar*
Jawaid Akhtar**
S. Chandrapal**
Volume 1 Issue 2 21-26 Read more
4 Relationship between q-Weyl operator and basic analogue of I-function in preview of q-Laplace transform D.K. Jain,
Renu Jain
Farooq Ahmad
Volume 1 Issue 2 27-32 Read more
5 Conjugate WP-Bailey pairs and transformation formulae for basic hypergeometric series Satya Prakash Singh
*Sunil Singh
K.B. Yadav
Volume 1 Issue 2 33-42 Read more
6 On Certain Identities involving q-Series Jay Prakash Singh
*Manoj Kumar Pathak,
Volume 1 Issue 2 43-48 Read more
7 On Certain new identities associated with Ramanujan’s modular equations Jay Prakash Singh
*Ravindra Kumar Yadav,
Volume 1 Issue 2 49-60 Read more
8 Certain results involving Eta-function Abida Khatoon
*Sonia Badesara
Volume 1 Issue 2 61-70 Read more
9 Some Characteristics of Hip Joint T. S. Pal
V. K. Yadav,
Volume 1 Issue 2 71-76 Read more
10 On continued fraction representations of certain function of hypergeometric type S. Ahmad Ali
*Syed Siddique Mustafa Rizvi,
Volume 1 Issue 2 77-86 Read more
11 A note on mock theta functions of order two Kumar Manoj,
*Dr. Brijendra Singh
**Sunil Kumar,
Volume 1 Issue 2 87-94 Read more
12 On certain q-series identities Satya Prakash Singh
Vijay Yadav
Priyanka Singh,
Volume 1 Issue 2 95-104 Read more