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Graph indices have attracted great interest as they give us numerical clues for several properties of molecules. Some indices give valuable information on the molecules under consideration using mathematical calculations only. For these reasons, the calculation and properties of graph indices have been in the center of research. Naturally, the values taken by a graph index is an important problem called the inverse problem. It requires knowledge about the existence of a graph having index equal to a given number. A considerable amount of topological graph indices are the degree based ones. Probably the largest degree based class of graph indices is Zagreb indices and Randi$\acute{c}$ index is one of the most famous topological graph indices. There are several variants of them. In this paper, we compute the sum connectivity index, Randi$\acute{c}$ index, reciprocal Randi$\acute{c}$ index, reduced second Zagreb index, reduced reciprocal Randi$\acute{c}$ index, first and second Gourava indices of boron nanotubes.

Keywords and Phrases

Topological indices, Sum connectivity index, Randi$\acute{c}$ index, Reciprocal Randi$\acute{c}$ index, Reduced second Zagreb index, Reduced reciprocal Randi$\acute{c}$ index, First and second Gourava indices, Boron triangular, Boron-$\alpha$ nanotubes.

A.M.S. subject classification

05C05, 05C12, 05C75.


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