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First Announcement: National Conference on ....


                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Date: 02-09-2017

First Announcement


Respected Sir/ Madam,

            Department of Mathematics T.D.P.G. College, Jaunpur and Ramanujan Society of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences are going to organize following events

 1. National Conference on “Discrete Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Applications”, during October, 28-29, 2017.

The purpose of this conference is to bring together experts and young researchers and provide a platform for discussion of recent advances in the relevant research areas and presentation of research papers by young scientists. We hope to have in-depth discussion on the front-line challenging problems on various topics. Apart from invited talks by leading experts in the field and presentation of research papers by other delegates, we hope to organize informal interactive after-dinner discussion sessions that will provide opportunities for young researchers to interact with the leading experts in the field. In these informal sessions, young researchers can freely interact with experts; identify potential problems for further research and the possible tools that can be employed in solving them. It is hoped that these in-depth discussions and lectures by the invited speakers will motivate the young researchers to enter into some of the highly fertile research areas in Theoretical Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics.

 2. National Conference on “Ramanujan: A Goddess Gifted Mathematician”, during October, 30-31, 2017.

The main objective of this National conference will be to motivate young mathematicians, research scholars and teachers towards mathematics especially Ramanujan’s Mathematics and its applications in different branches of physical sciences and many more.


The aim of these Conferences are to bring together Mathematicians, Academicians, Engineers, Scientists, Research scholars and students from different parts of the Country for exchange of ideas and latest developments in Computer Sciences, Physical Sciences and Analysis.


Kindly send the topic of your talk/ abstract of paper latest by October 10, 2017 on e-mails:, To facilitate the organising committee and volunteers, Please inform well in advance about your travel programme.

 You are requested to kindly forward this mail/ message among your colleagues/young research scholars/faculty members and on your departmental notice board for its wide circulations.


                                                                                 Dr. Satya Prakash Singh,

                                                                                    Organizing Secretary,

                                                                               Department of Mathematics,

*Please ignore multiple e-mails                     T.D.P.G. College, Jaunpur-222002, (U.P.) India


Note: Please see more details about the Conference on following links: