Mixture of Pathway Weibull Model and Mellin Convolutions

Print ISSN: 2319-1023


The eciency of the pathway idea in modeling heterogeneous real-life data is illustrated in this paper. Usually mixture models are used for modeling heterogeneous data. Here we introduce a nite mixture of two pathway Weibull models, denoted by WMq (or qWM or WqM). Properties of this new model are examined and identi ability is proved. Some important special cases of WMq are given. Stress-strength reliability is found by using the Mellin convolution technique. With the help of a real heterogeneous data set, it is shown that the proposed model ts the data better than all other popular models in the literature.

Keywords and Phrases

pathway Weibull model; Fox H-function; mellin convolution; fi nite mixture distribution.

A.M.S. subject classification

03H05, 33C60, 60E99, 60E05.


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