New Finite Integrals Involving Product of Modified Multivariable H-function

Print ISSN: 2319-1023


The aim ofthe present paper is to study some new finite integrals. We obtain two finite double integrals involving the product ofthe Modified Multivariable H-function and Srivastava Polynomials. The values ofthe integrals are obtained in tenns of‘Ψ(Z) (the logarithmic derivative of Γ(z)). We establish an interesting integral relation in tenns of Modified Multivariable H- function. Present finding are the most general in nature and act as the key fonnulas from which we can obtain their special cases.

Keywords and Phrases

Modified Multi-variable H-function, general class of Polynomials, generalized Wright hypergeometric function logarithmic derivative of ?(z).

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