Review of Formulae of Ganita Kaumadi

Print ISSN: 2319-1023


Narayana Pandita has given formulae in different stanza in prosody form. Among them here a stanza is used for the falsity and truth ofthe statement by mathematical logic and inductions. The aim of this paper is to formulize a concept for investigating the human behavior by finding the number of true and false statements in speaking among the people. Considering a stanza is: Kamukaha pancha panyastriyateshu cha dWau2 priyawapriyaste traya3stan prithak, Twam priyoashiti mey bhashmanaadbhutam kani satyanyasatyani shighram vadha .Here the Number of false statements equals: Number of recognized people>< (Number of kin recognized people+1)- 2 ><Number ofkin recognized people.

Keywords and Phrases

Kaumudi, stanza, true, false, sequential.

A.M.S. subject classification


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