Some Characteristics of Hip Joint

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We have presented expressions of pressure and load capacity for certain values of squeezing velocity, concentration index of micromolecules, slip parameter and design parameter regarding some characteristics of hip joints. The coefficient of friction is obtained as f = F/W. These results are given in figures (1.2) and (1.3) with respect to coefficient of pressure . It is demonstrated that the pressure increases with respect to variation. The pressure further increases for each values of due to the squeezing action. It is expected that pressure if the concentration of micromolecule increases. It is obvious from figure (1.3), load capacity increases as increases with decrease in slip parameter. The increase in load capacity and pressure with and decrease in slip parameter implies the increase in the coefficient of friction, which is a good result.

Keywords and Phrases

Micromolecule, Slip parameter, design parameters, hip joint.

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