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The subject of Fourier series of the generalized hypergeometric functions occupies an important place in the fi eld of special functions. Certain Fourier series of the generalized hypergeometric function play an important role in the development of the theory of special functions and certain Fourier series of the generalized hypergeometric functions enable us to obtain general solutions of some boundary value problems. The Fourier series of the generalized hypergeometric functions were given from time to time by various mathematics with certain restrictions in parameters. An adequate list of reference given here together with sources indicated in these references provide a good converge of the subject. In this paper we have defi ned Fourier series for H-function and also we derived integral involving sine function, exponential function, the product of Kampe de Feriet functions and the H -function to evaluate three Fourier series.

Keywords and Phrases

Kampe de Feriet functions, H-function and Fourier Series.

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