Daibagya Balbhadra Joshi (1494 A.D.) An Academic Relation between Nepal and India With mathematics manuscript in Nepal

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The Impact of teacher philosophy & pedagogical choice an emergent design intended for background, purposes and practice of mathematics through Bhashwati and Balbodhini. This relation is coin up not only between Bhashwati/ Satananda & Balbodhini/Balbhadra; it extends the closed relation between Nepal and India. A tremendous in uence on the interaction of learners and use of pedagogical devices are seen between Bhashwati and Balbodhini, in uenced in practice of mathematics. Nepali astrologer Laxmipati Pande (1758-1831) had written commentary of Bhashwati in 1779. There Pande was used Nepali language. The writer of Bhashwati at Orissa and the writer of Balbodhini at Jumla showed the good academic relation between Nepal and India. The popularity of Bhashwati & Balbodhini in Nepal & India with the intimacy of both the scholars Satananda and Balbhadra together both countries is much closed good academic and friendship relation of two neighbors.

Keywords and Phrases

Bhashwati, Balbodhini, Balbhadra, Satananda.

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